Does consolidating credit card debt mean

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That’s especially true because of compounding interest on your credit card balance.Any interest expense that you accrue on your credit card balance is compounded into your next month’s balance.

Taking on a roommate or moving to a shared living situation can easily save you hundreds of dollars on housing expenses.Be sure to leave a little wiggle room in your budget for fluctuations and emergencies.For example, if you have 0 remaining after meeting your budget obligations, consider designating 0 to credit card payments and leaving a 0 buffer for unexpected expenses.You may not feel there’s room in your budget to make larger credit card payments, but if you’re serious about being debt-free, you’ve got to make some changes.To free up cash to pay down your credit card debt, you must try to cut your costs, increase your income, or both.However, the opinions expressed here are ours alone and at no time has the editorial content been provided, reviewed, or approved by any issuer.

Of all the types of debt you can hold, credit card debt is one of the nastiest.After the introductory period, which generally lasts between 12 and 21 months, the interest rate reverts to the card’s standard APR.Read the fine print and find out what your interest rate becomes after the promotional rate expires.As you continue to make payments, your minimum monthly obligations decrease.Don’t be tempted to decrease your actual payment when this happens, as paying only the minimum won’t make a serious dent in your principal balance.To get your debts paid down faster, look for ways to decrease the interest rates on your cards.

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