Texas motorcycle dating

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Texas motorcycle dating

A complete list of the wineries, wines and associated awards is below.

Brennan Vineyards − 2012 Viognier- Silver at San Francisco International Wine Competition − 2012 Lily– Gold at Dallas Morning News and Texsom Wine Competition, Gold and Grand Star at Lone Star International Wine Competition − 2011 Dark Horse- Chairman’s Award (unanimous gold) at Riverside International Wine Competition − 2011 Tempranillo- Gold at Pacific Rim Wine Competition.

And that means a lot from the somm community, to give them the chance to try our wines and show them Texas can do great things.” Tex Som is unfortunately scheduled at harvest time in Texas.

This year harvest came later due to cooler weather in June and July, making it a little easier than years before, but there was still overlap.

Peak power has improved slightly to 124bhp and peak torque is now 125 ft lbs, coming at just 4500rpm.

Following on from the Fireblade, the new Gold Wing has a fly-by-wire throttle, which brings a host of new features along with it.

The old Gold Wing was a huge great thing, with an enormous bulbous fairing that created a pocket of still air to encapsulate the rider.

The new fairing is smaller, and more aggressive looking, and channels the air through ducts rather than forcing it over the top.The large windscreen has also gone, replaced by a smaller, electrically adjustable screen, although a large screen will be available, as well an adjustable wind deflector for the arms and fixed deflectors for the lower legs.The shrink hasn’t stopped there – Honda have reduced the total luggage capacity after their research showed owners mostly used them for two to three day tours.Honda say this new approach delivers a ‘pleasant cooling breeze’ to the riders while improving the fuel efficiency by 20%.This means Honda have been able to reduce to fuel tank to 21l (down 4l from the old model), while maintaining exactly the same range between fill ups.It was the first of its kind in the nine years of Tex Som and had an incredible turnout and reverberating buzz.