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There was also a cook, a laundress and one or two 'attendants'. Each had a fortnight's holiday a year — I think the head-nurse-midwife had three weeks — but otherwise they rarely had a whole day off duty.

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One was a midwife, and my mother shared the midwifery with her.Other men looked after the pigs; some cleaned the rooms, some chopped wood or did other domestic or maintenance work.When I was very small, the water was pumped by hand from the well to the storage tank in the roof.The bellrope descended through the rooms below — part of the Master's apartments — to the ground floor.It included a length of chain, and made a fearful clatter.Until 1930, when the County Council took it over the House was administered by the Board of Guardians (the elected Guardians of the Poor) who met fortnightly in the Boardroom, but then and later the Master and Matron were responsible for the day to day management and for dealing with the many and varied situations, and indeed emergencies which arose.

There were many aspects of their work: the care of the old, the sick, the infirm; of children, of mental defectives; of the vagrant men and women who came to the 'tramp wards' and who usually stayed two nights, working on the premises during the intervening day.(Three years elapsed between my grandparents' retirement and my own parents' taking up duty, which they did in 1906).The bell hung in its belfry on top of the octagonal tower which was the centre of the House.These mothers were nearly all single girls who had had their babies in the maternity ward.They were not allowed to leave the Workhouse unless or until they could take their children with them, which meant that some of them actually remained there for years.The inmates, other than the sick and aged, worked according to their ability — and of course without pay; this being the current system.

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