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It helped to unite the Alliance and to focus the movement as a whole on the challenge of defending our electoral victories.Immediately after the Congress, the Alliance achieved a landslide victory for the ANC in the 2004 elections.

Unemployment remains stubbornly high and in many cases the quality of jobs has dropped.

We wont repeat that analysis in this report, but will pull out the main issues where appropriate. Introduction The 2015 Plans political vision is anchored around the following elements, 1.

Democratising the state: We committed ourselves to asserting a working class agenda in the programmes of the state; deepen social dialogue and participatory democracy; revise the electoral system and ensure that the Alliance drives transformation. Building the Alliance: We set criteria to assess the Alliance and guide our work in strengthening it in line with our vision.

South Africa remains one of the most unequal societies in this world, although the incomes of poor households have increased slightly in the past three years.

An opportunity for upward mobility and to amass wealth coexists with mass poverty, leading to a d eepening gulf between the rich and poor.

This does not mean that no progress has taken place.

Since the Eighth Congress, the ANC increased its electoral strength, and now controls all provinces and indeed most of the local governments. In addition , we have seen substantial efforts to transform the state, especially the major social services, to meet the needs of the majority.

The second section reports on political engagements. The political environment 2.1 Transformation of the state - strengthening our democracy The main question for this Congress is whether we made sufficient progress to allow us to proclaim that we are on course.

Sections of the COSATU discussion paper on the balance of forces and the state should help us in this analysis.

This report first reviews the political environment.

It analyses key elements, including the nature of the state and class formation, as well as political developments since the Eighth Congress.

This conclusion is critical because it talks to the failed economic expectations of the majority.

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