Dating progressing slowly

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Within a month I was waking her up every morning with a foot rub, starting her shower, making coffee and bringing to her as she finishes showering, making the bed while she showered and such.

They are also slower to recognize the feelings that are building within their hearts.

They are busy in professional jobs that yield tangible results at the end of a workday.

They need to ship an item, or complete a report, or call on a business partner to make a proposal.

Any of these things can be completed in twenty minutes and crossed off their list, yielding that pleasurable sense of accomplishment that drove them to become a successful business person in the first place.

There’s a tendency among successful and driven women to shift their energy and attention gradually away from relationships, because the outcomes achieved from effort in that area of their life is not always tangible. It doesn’t yield that positive sense of accomplishment.

I asked her if I could begin shopping for her feminine products such as body lotions, creams and deodorant.

She agreed and from then on I started to take care of most of the shopping.When your time is limited, you will automatically gravitate toward the activities that yield a sense of accomplishment.Busy women in the workplace are often stretched between work demands, family demands, sometimes the needs of children, and a host of other things that compete with their energy for developing and pursuing good dating prospects.You would be surprised how often I have to encourage my clients to put relationships first in their lives.You would think a person willing to spend money on a relationship consultant would already be maximizing their own personal effort in that area of their lives. Some of the people, who hire me, have more money than time.As a result, we neglect some of the most important things in our life. And before you decide it won’t because you don’t have such a driven personality, let me point out something that could sneak up on you if you’re not careful.