Dating progressing slowly

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Dating progressing slowly - goadultfishdating com

She chuckled a little and went along with the program but really did not like the idea of having me as her servant, she just wanted me to continue with my program I had embarked on.I decided to not push the program much but steadily increased my daily tasks as much as I thought she would accept.

They don’t do or say anything that gives away the sudden change in their affections, but the changes are real, even if they are invisible to you.She was amazed but kept asking why I was so involved lately.Slowly, I began to let her in on why I was doing these special services and asked her if she would allow me to be her servant.When your time is limited, you will automatically gravitate toward the activities that yield a sense of accomplishment.Busy women in the workplace are often stretched between work demands, family demands, sometimes the needs of children, and a host of other things that compete with their energy for developing and pursuing good dating prospects.I remember one college student, in particular, who was the focus of much positive attention from her male counterparts.

Her name was Kelsey, and I have to say, she was hot!

However, she never developed any kind of serious dating relationship during her four years of college because she never seemed to have the time. She made time for academic study in preparation for law school.

But when it came to dating, it was always a thought and a strategy, but never a series of sustained actions to bring about a real-life result. Unfortunately, the urgent demands on her time usurped the things she claimed were most important to her.

I asked her if I could begin shopping for her feminine products such as body lotions, creams and deodorant.

She agreed and from then on I started to take care of most of the shopping.

If this pattern persists in her life, you can bet she will have a successful career, but a series of deflating and unsuccessful relationships.

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