Christian dating social networking sites

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Christian dating social networking sites - Free live webcam chat for 3g mobile phone

The site has a wall where user comments flow and you select which friends to share your wall with.

If you enjoy videos across a wide spectrum of Christian themes, check out

Users can upload videos, send messages and interact virtually with online members.

The site hosts chat rooms and forums to further strengthen its online community.

One of the recent buzz words I hear often in Christianity is “transparent”.

Social networking websites are one aspect of the Web that continues to enjoy explosive growth, at least in part because users love to share information.

However, they are great for connecting with old friends and making new ones. Every week I’ll try to profile a couple of these sites.

I know, I know, with My Space, facebook and Twitter, you’re probably asking yourself, “Do I really need to join another social network? Let’s be real, there are only a few of us that actually NEED to belong to any social network. After a little research, I found out that there are over 40 to choose from. Here is the list of Christian social networks that I was able to come up with (in alphabetical order): 101Christian Battle Christ Church Cross Ditty Faith Faith Faith Generation Gods Social Holy In Christ Jesus Kindle Life Live Living Gods Meet My Faith My My Godly My Our Christian People2Shout Teen The Your Christian Youth Please let me know if there are others that I am missing. According to My Praize, their site is perfect for: The site's main weakness is its bare bones design, which, according to their Facebook page as of June 2014, it is being redesigned and reprogrammed.Launched in 2005 as an alternative to My Space, this site has done a nice job of giving Christians an alternative place to go to get the same sort of community.Christian Faithbook is a very transparent site posting its current stats about the number of forum members (about 1,300) and registered users on their homepage while also including links to their sister sites. Christian Faithbook is not a free social network, but the cost to be a member is low.As far as format, Faith Book is the one that seems to most closely resemble Facebook, even though the styling is sparse.A few of the sites are even more specialized - like God Tube - a You Tube alternative with high-quality Christian-themed videos -- and their appeal is growing.

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