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Dating he relationship said said she unguide

Yet somehow I had the gut feeling the weekend would be more keg party than Kum Ba Yah.Max, my best guy friend, told me to run as fast as I could in the other direction – not just from the invite, but from Jake in general.

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And, in a way, it may even be logical with all the confusion and droughts we’ve talked about.

When their conversation turned to drinking or their love of going to Hooters, I’d grow silent or roll my eyes and offer a speech about women not being objects – failing to mention, unfortunately, that our value comes from being made in God’s image.

Jake and his friends were more amused than convinced by my occasional ranting, so the conversations usually gave way to teasing arguments and laughter.

“I’ve been worried about you for some time.” Really? I also realized most of my attraction had been to his attention.

I was one of the many affected by the dating drought in Christian circles, and it had been a while since anyone had shown interest in me.

Sitting there in the church basement with friends and family, I enjoyed chatting with this funny, talkative, well-dressed man.

So when Jake asked if he could call me sometime, I gave him my telephone number and did a mental dance of joy.As I spent time one-on-one with Jake, I discovered he was easy to talk to, intelligent, devoted to his family – and, as I suspected, a non-Christian. But I was drawn to this cute charmer who was showing interest in goody-two-shoes me!In the weeks that followed, Jake and I exchanged flirty emails and occasionally hung out with his friends.For some inexplicable reason, Jake still intrigued me.Several days later, Jake asked me to meet him for coffee.At a friend’s wedding, I spied him in his dark suit and preppy glasses and was internally gleeful when I noticed later that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.