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2) Groups where only one player is from a different gender are most of the time indistinguishable from a one-gender only group when sexist behavior is absent.

Females on this setting take on noticeably more masculine behaviors while on group - even the way they tend to sit changes a bit, with a more comfortable, laid-back posture.Male players also tend to be more individualistic but not outright selfish.All-female groups shows more cohesive, group-oriented behavior and they show a preference for more .But the DM has not made any decision to kill her character off either way. An "idea you think might be good" without any evidence isn't a good answer.Since I started DM'ing D&D a long, long time ago, I found that the dynamics of a mixed group of male ande female players is a tad different from a one-sex only group of players.When you DM to an all-male group, often the group takes the more common adventure, action-oriented group with some roleplay sprinkled here and there.

While individually they may show interest in romance or drama-oriented games, as a group they tend to prefer the classical D&D experience.

All of those observations were made from a male DM point of view.

Also, on Brazil, sexism in game-related matters is almost non-existent, so we DMs have usually one less problem to deal with. 1) All-female and all-male groups are completely different beasts.

Visit Stack Exchange I'm concerned because a new player just joined our D&D 5e group and is super flirty with all the male players (both in person and as her character - she's a bard).

And the problem is that she's changed the whole vibe of our gaming group.

You can also observe them openly burping, making typical dirty jokes that males normally are famous for, and other plethora of male-associated behaviors.