Bsd updating packages

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Bsd updating packages - Frecamchat

We are interested in hearing about your experience.While the Yocto Project Team attempts to ensure all Yocto Project releases are one hundred percent compatible with each officially supported Linux distribution, instances might exist where you encounter a problem while using the Yocto Project on a specific distribution.

As mentioned earlier, the Yocto Project supports creation of reference images that you can boot within and emulate using QEMU.

For introductory information on the Yocto Project, see the Yocto Project Website and the "Introducing the Yocto Project Development Environment" section.

If you want to use the Yocto Project to test run building an image without having to understand concepts, work through the Yocto Project Quick Start.

Among other things, the Yocto Project uses an Open Embedded build system.

The build system, which is based on the Open Embedded (OE) project and uses the Bit Bake tool, constructs complete Linux images for architectures based on ARM, MIPS, Power PC, x86 and x86-64.

The Yocto Project should work on other distributions but validation is not performed against them.

In particular, the Yocto Project does not support and currently has no plans to support rolling-releases or development distributions due to their constantly changing nature.The remainder of this section provides details on system requirements not covered in the Yocto Project Quick Start.Yocto Project releases are tested against the stable Linux distributions in the following list.The manual is neither meant to be read as a starting point to the Yocto Project nor read from start to finish.Use this manual to find concepts, variable definitions, class descriptions, and so forth as needed during the course of using the Yocto Project.While the Yocto Project does not provide a strict testing framework, it does provide or generate for you artifacts that let you perform target-level and emulated testing and debugging.

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