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This marriage lasted only four years and did not result in any children. Clay continued to fight for the equal rights of African Americans to the end of his life.

Vellum would hold up better than paper for such important papers that had to be carried on the person to prove his or her manumission when questioned. Extremely rare........................................., obverse with kneeling African-American woman in chains, inscribed "AM I NOT A WOMAN & A SISTER"; reverse with laurel wreath, inscribed "LIBERTY" and "1838" at center and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" around perimeter. George Mather [1783 - 1837] married Marie Josephine Francoise Aurore Trudeau and owned numerous properties including Belle Alliance Plantation which burned in the 1920's not to be confused with another plantation with that name. The steamboat "Cotton Plant" burned at dockside in New Orleans, December 4th, 1832 with the loss of 1524 bales of cotton worth over 0,000. Well written, small loss of paper where sealed unaffecting any manuscript................., a large 17.5" X 25" photographic print taken as a studio portrait at the Tuskegee Institute on January 1st, 1925 where Carver was a professor of Botany.

Became a very outspoken emancipationist and freed the slaves that he legally owned in 1844.

Served in the Kentucky General Assembly on three separate occasions in the 1830's and early 1840's.

Clay served in the General Assembly on three separate occasions and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1851. Clay's military career was impressive; he served honorably as a captain in the Kentucky Militia in the Mexican-American War. His group, called the Clay Battalion, protected the White House until federal troops arrived. Clay's first wife was Mary Jane Warfield Clay, to whom he was married to for forty-five years and had ten children with.

Before Clay left for his diplomatic post as Minister to Russia in 1861, he organized a group of volunteers to help defend Washington, D. Clay also served for a brief time as a Major General in the Civil War. Cassius' second marriage was surrounded by scandal, in that Clay was 84 years old when he married while his bride, Dora Richardson, was only 15.

View #66 of the series Charleston and vicinity, a party of Negroes both male and female working in a sweet potato field, yellow mount, light soiling at edge, photo fine, scarce...................., Stereo by Anthony, Black troops in the foreground, Rebel pickets in the woods, a Rebel fort in middle distance. Hiram Burnham, a native of Maine and a brigade commander in XVIII Corps, was killed in the assault, and the Union-held fort was renamed Fort Burnham in his honor. Stannard lost an arm while resisting Lee's assault.

Very fine, the scarcest of the Fort Burnham stereos............, Colonial, British. A pair of clasped hands with the inscription "May slavery & oppression cease throughout the world" appears on the reverse. Tokens of this pattern circulated in America and, with similar tokens of American origin, popularized and propagandized the abolitionist cause.This paper formally declared DAVID to be a free man of color and a certificate of freedom is granted to him.A 0 penalty sum was paid by Clay to complete the manumission.[b] Manumission paper for the Negro woman named LOTTY belonging to C. Clay aged 25 years of age about 5'3" of dark complexion and "tolerably likely".This paper formally declared GILLA to be a free girl of color and a certificate of freedom is granted to her. dated October 15, 1831, noted on the face is that the letter was to be sent by the Steamboat "Cotton Plant" to Arcadia Landing on the Mississippi River in St. The letter is in regard to a host of plantation supplies also being shipped on the steamboat "Cotton Plant" to Mather along with prices and comments on availability of items ordered.A 0 penalty sum was paid by Clay to complete the manumission. The writer specifically notes that he cannot ship the "woolens for the Negro woman" as they are scarce and high this season but will send it to him at the first opportunity.Very fine............................................., Born October 19, 1810 at Clermont near Richmond, KY, the son of General Green Clay and Sally Lewis Clay.