Do your daughter dating older man

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Do your daughter dating older man

Seth Myers in his article "Dating Someone Older -- Criteria for a Successful Relationship," for e Harmony.Take a step back and try to see things from your daughter's perspective.

Although, I call J "Kid" in this super-cute, ironic way.Reassure your daughter that you want her to be happy.If your daughter is below the legal age of consent for your state, she should not be engaging in sexual activity with any man, however old he is.Even if intercourse has not occurred, you may have concerns that an older man is trying to take advantage of your teenage daughter. Be honest with her about your own experiences and aim to have a two-way conversation, instead of lecturing her, advises the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.In this case, it is your responsibility as her mother to try to put a stop to the relationship. Establish rules and curfews and explain to your daughter that these are in her best interests.However, if she feels that you are judging or criticizing her for her choice of men, she is unlikely to tell you anything about her private life.

Your daughter's well-being should be your paramount concern, above any opinions you have about age difference in dating.

If your daughter does want children of her own, making her aware of this potential problem is in her best interests.

However, don't come across as interfering or supercilious.

Having similar relationship goals is more important than age difference, says Dr. If your daughter gets into a serious relationship with an older man, ask her what he wants from the relationship, and whether it is compatible with her relationship goals.

For example, if he has children from a previous relationship, he may not want to have any more.

But, seriously, if they ever do a reunion tour J is SO coming with me. Do you have any tips for dating someone older than you?