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Such research can tell us nothing about ‘paedophiles’.The experiences and viewpoints of non-convicted paedophiles rarely reach popular discourse and debate as it is impossible, given the climate of fear, to access a large enough random sample of non-convicted paedophiles for any research to be reliable.

Consequently the great majority of paedophiles pose no actual threat to children they work with.

This explains why it has been estimated that only 2 – 10% of child sexual abuse perpetrators meet the regular criteria for paedophilia (Kinsey-Report, Lautmann, Brongersma, Groth).

To the normal paedophile the idea of causing a child distress, pain or to be afraid is absolute anathema.

It is also very hard for academics to find funding for research which explicitly (or even ‘implicitly’) questions the common assumptions surrounding paedophilia or which doesn’t have an a priori condemnatory agenda. the word ‘paedophilia’ is often confounded with ‘hebephilia’ (attraction to early adolescents) and ‘ephebophilia’ (attraction to mid-to-late adolescents).

It is with this in mind that I have compiled this list addressing some of the more common misconceptions concerning paedophiles and paedophilia. Some comes from research (I’ve tried to acknowledge the sources), much from my own experience, and much from conversations and exchanges on various help and support networks found on the web. The following comments concerned ‘paedophilia’ in its strictest sense (i.e.

If one were to imagine a scale between the ‘worst’ and the ‘best’ vision of paedophilia the evidence seems to be that the typical paedophile hopes for and aspires to something approaching ‘the best’ rather than ‘the worst’.

Moreover to remind you of the worst would be to merely reproduce the misconceptions and distortions which are the only narrative available in popular discourse.

Most rapes on children are committed by i/ non-paedophiles who find themselves depressed, intoxicated, tired or otherwise disoriented, and are ‘surprised’ by an unfamiliar desire which they have not previously had to learn to control (see n° 3), or ii/ ‘opportunistic’ offenders who direct their adult sexuality at whatever target is available.

The exercise of power that is the essence of rape goes against the mindset of the typical paedophile, whose interest is in a relationship in which the child enjoys the intimacy and has equal agency and power (see n° 5).

an attraction to prepubescents), though many comments also apply to hebephilia and ephebophilia.

Paedophiles are men, women, and young people of both sexes who one day find themselves sexually attracted to children.

What follows addresses some of these misconceptions. Nearly all studies are based on people found guilty of some crime against children, usually prisoners.