Apostolic dating rules

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Baptisms would then involve the triple immersion of the naked baptismal candidate.

There is no doubt about the position of the early Church on these matters and it is for this reason that various reformed Churches have returned to at least some of these ancient practices.

Some of them had been considered heretical even in their own day.

Their original writings were conveniently "lost" or tampered with.

The Roman Church is in a less comfortable position.

It purports to give great weight to tradition — the importance of traditions dating back to the apostles was emphasised by the Council of Trent (Session 4).

He left little else of doctrinal value, and what little he did leave is universally acknowledged to have been radically tampered with by later Christians.

By the 5th century, his letters had been enlarged by spurious writings, and the original letters had been supplemented with interpolations, created to posthumously enlist Ignatius as a witness in contemporary theological disputes. Clement wrote letters that were initially accepted into but later rejected from the canon of Christian scripture.This is not altogether surprising since numerous Roman doctrines are not evidenced by the Church Fathers, and are universally acknowledged to date from later times (papal infallibility, the Immaculate Conception, and Mary's Assumption, to name but three ).It is difficult to find any Church Fathers who were consistently orthodox by modern standards.The purported eyewitness account of his martyrdom is also thought to be a forgery from around the same time. They deal largely with the great dissent then current within the Church, and suggest that there was no established bishopric at Rome during his lifetime.(Ironically his name was later included in lists of early popes, though different lists have him as first, second, third or fourth in line from Peter).Yet it has persecuted and killed people for the heresies of adhering to apostolic practices — rejecting infant baptism, keeping the Sabbath on Saturday, celebrating Easter on the 14th of Nisan, and so on.