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The regulation of body temperature is a critical function for animals.Although reliant on ambient temperature as a heat source, reptiles, and especially lizards, make use of multiple voluntary and involuntary behaviors to thermoregulate, including postural changes in body orientation, either toward or away from solar sources of heat.

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This thermal orientation may also result from a thermoregulatory drive to maintain precise control over cranial temperatures or a rostrally-driven sensory bias.

The purpose of this work was to examine thermal orientation behavior in adult and neonatal bearded dragons (), to ascertain its prevalence across different life stages within a laboratory situation and its interaction with behavioral thermoregulation.

Specifically, adult dragons were more likely to face a heat source when at cooler ambient temperatures and less likely at warmer temperatures, suggesting that orientation behavior counter-balances local selected temperatures but contributes to their thermoregulatory response.

Neonates were also more likely to select cooler temperatures when facing a heat source, but required more experience before this orientation behavior emerged.Combined, these results demonstrate the importance of orientation to behavioral thermoregulation in multiple life stages of bearded dragons. Mit der Dame verhandelst Du dann an der Tür, welche Wünsche Du erfüllt haben möchtest! Uns findest Du in Sindelfingen – unser Haus kannst Du ab 18 Jahren kostenfrei betreten.Du siehst, es kostet nicht viel und ist ganz unkompliziert und anonym. Dann schau doch einfach in die Zimmerbelegungen von Sindelfingen.Of course, in the finicky world of adult businesses, if you see that a site review is 3 years or older and the site is still going strong, chances are it is a great site.