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The status of the United States Forces Japan was defined in the U. This treaty is still in effect, and it forms the basis of Japan's foreign policy.In the Vietnam War, the US military bases in Japan, especially those in Okinawa Prefecture, were used as important strategic and logistic bases.

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Many of the bases, such as Yokota Air Base, Naval Air Facility Atsugi and Kadena Air Base, are located in the vicinity of residential districts, and local citizens have complained about excessive aircraft noise.

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At present, USFJ is headquartered at Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, Japan. He establishes and implements policies to accomplish the mission of the United States Armed Forces in Japan. As USCINCPAC's resident representative, COMUSJAPAN supports the Security Treaty and administers the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between the United States and Japan.

After the Japanese surrender in the end of World War II in Asia, the United States Armed Forces assumed administrative authority in Japan.

In 1970, the Koza riot occurred against the US military presence in Okinawa. Before the 1972 reversion of the island to Japanese administration, it has been speculated but never confirmed that up to 1,200 nuclear weapons may have been stored at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa in the 1960s., there are approximately 50,000 U. military personnel stationed in Japan, along with approximately 40,000 dependents of military personnel and another 5,500 American civilians employed there by the United States Department of Defense. Marines should have been relocated to Guam and 4.000 U. Marines to other Pacific locations such as Hawaii or Australia, while some 10.000 Marines were to remain on Okinawa.

The USAF strategic bombers were deployed in the bases in Okinawa, which was still administered by the U. The United States Seventh Fleet is based in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. and includes a .1bn cash commitment from Japan for the move to Guam as well as for developing joint training ranges on Guam and on Tinian and Pagan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It also sparked tougher restrictions for all 50,000 U. military personnel in Japan, including a curfew and drinking restrictions.After the Korean War began in 1950, Douglas Mac Arthur, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan and the Japanese government established the paramilitary "National Police Reserve," which was later developed into the Japan Self-Defense Forces. and Japan signed the Japan-America Security Alliance.In 1951 the Treaty of San Francisco was signed by the allied countries and Japan, which restored its formal sovereignty. By this treaty, USFJ is responsible for the defense of Japan.The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) is based in Okinawa. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko had been resolved in December 2013 with the signing of the landfill agreement by the governor of Okinawa. Certain parcels of land on Okinawa which have been leased for use by the American military were supposed to be turned back to Japanese control via a long-term phased return process according to the agreement. Army soldier stationed at Torii Station was involved in a hit-and-run accident of a pedestrian in Yomitan Village on Okinawa. military personnel, Seaman Christopher Browning, of Athens, Texas, and Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker, of Muskogee, Oklahoma, were found guilty by the Naha District Court of raping and robbing a woman in her 20s in a parking lot in October. The case outraged many Okinawans, a number of whom have long complained of military-related crime on their island, which hosts thousands of U. On , in a very controversial statement, Toru Hashimoto, co-leader of the Japan Restoration Association said to a senior American military official at the Marine Corps base in Okinawa "We can’t control the sexual energy of these brave marines." and told United States soldiers should make more use of the local adult entertainment industry to reduce sexual crimes against local women. military facilities in Japan are located on the island of Okinawa.130 USAF fighters are stationed in the Misawa Air Base and Kadena Air Base. In May 2014, in a strategic shift by the United States to Asia and the Pacific, it was revealed the US was deploying two unarmed Global Hawk long-distance surveillance drones to Japan for surveillance missions over China and North Korea. Later, in April 2010, the soldier was charged with failing to render aid and vehicular manslaughter. In October 2013, an additional 12 Ospreys arrived, again to replace CH-46 Sea Knights, increasing the number of Ospreys to 24. military installations occupy about 10.4 percent of the total land usage. The United States has returned some facilities to Japanese control.Welcome to our website, and to a new age of military gear.

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