Dating antique desk

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Dating antique desk - updating ubuntu from cd

Most pews pictured can be made up to a variety of different sizes and given price is for any size up to 1.8m long, i.e.

Although not signed by any maker, it was probably made by Francis Barker in the pre WW2 period, and is the MK VII version which was the last model of the hunter cased pocket watch style designs that were developed during WW1 for British Army Officers.Measuring just under 3" in diameter, not only is it complete and working, but in virtually unused condition.An impressive Georgian mahogany cased pocket compass measuring 80mm square with an attractive paper dial of a particularly early design, it dates to the first quarter of the 19th century circa 1820.The lacquered brass case is also in very good condition, still having most of its original lacquer, albeit with some minor surface tarnishing but no dents, and has its original push on protective brass lid.In full working order, an early antique compass which measures 100mm diameter and 43mm deep with a weight of just under 350 grams.In very good condition, the case retains all its nickel plating and has a clean undamaged crystal.

All in good working order, including an automatic transit lock when lid closed, it measures 45mm in diameter.Any size longer than that would cost an extra £20 VAT per running foot/30cm or an extra £30 VAT / per running foot/30cm for stripped and waxed pews.A very impressive explorers brass cased compass made in France during the early part of the 19th century.An iconic WW1 British Army Officers MK VI pocket compass, engraved Dennison Birmingham VI, 81033, 1918, and with the military arrow on the lid, showing it was issued in to service.The full hunter case is in good condition retaining all its original nickel plating, and the clean undamaged bevelled glass crystal covers an attractive jewelled bearing floating dial.Complimented by the small hand made hinges & fastened with an elegant 7 shaped brass clasp, the paper compass rose is divided into degrees showing all the points of the compass with a fleur de lys for North, & despite some minor age foxing is in relatively clean condition for a compass which is close to 200 years old.

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