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Fisk became Don Rigoletto's bodyguard and right-hand man.

This leads to, among other events, brutalizing the reporter Ben Urich, having his employees assault multiple policemen and sending the homicidal patriot Nuke into Hell's Kitchen.

A series of appearances in Daredevil by writer/penciler Frank Miller depicted the Kingpin as a scheming, cold-blooded crime lord who consistently stays beyond the reach of the law.

This take on the character would remain the dominant one for decades, Wilson Fisk began his life as a poor child in New York City, bullied by his classmates due to his obesity.

Fisk began training himself in physical combat, using his new-found strength to intimidate the bullies into joining his gang.

He was eventually discovered by crime lord Don Rigoletto.

With the criminal world in chaos, Fisk was able to step in and take back control.

Fisk attempted a coalition of the New York mobs after hearing that Spider-Man had apparently gone out of action, and ordered the abduction of J.

While the Kingpin enjoyed a long tenure in his new position, he had made enemies such as the Maggia crime syndicate and the terrorist group HYDRA.

The two groups teamed together to oppose Fisk, causing him to flee to Japan.

Daredevil did not turn them over because this would slow down the Kingpin's plans.

He secretly promoted mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh. Daredevil found Vanessa alive but amnesiac and returned her to him in exchange for his abandoning the Cherryh scheme.

He retired from crime, and the family moved back to Japan.