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While he argues with her regarding their relationship, Dog and Beaver are playing Halo on the Xbox 360 while simultaneously talking about their failing-club venture.

Beaver appears unsuccessful and looks bored with the ladies and is seen standing near the bar.centers around three friends – Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) – who concoct a speed-dating event to meet as many women as possible.In truth, this speed-dating event is more of a ploy, because its main objective is to sweet talk each woman and get her into bed for sex.Too Cool finally gets Frenchita outside and tells her to never come back again.She responds with anger by minimizing his manhood and stating she will be back to “watch [his] heart break into a million little pieces.” This entire opening presents the tone that the movie will carry throughout, and it’s not a pleasant one.Dog gets himself in a precarious situation when he introduces himself to Sage (Karen Yelverton), a woman with a gruff laugh and a deep voice; her voice gives it away and one thing comes in to mind: her appearance is misleading.

Dog ignores the clear signs of her true identity and continues chatting her up, because his ultimate goal is sex.Not only is this character a paradox, but he is not funny; his acting is also horrendously bad.In no time, week one of the speed-dating scam arrives and the three friends admire the dozens of women with drooling smiles – and converse about their prior scams to sleep with women.The premise sounds interesting; unfortunately, hits many speed bumps throughout with overacting, weak storyline, boredom, and dry comedy, leading to the inevitable – a crash.The three friends/roommates are described as follows: Too Cool, a millionaire playboy who’s just not that into you; Dog, a freeloading friend who favors “the R-Kelly tapes”; Beaver, a culinary enthusiast who is suspected to be a “man-tickler?Her entire scene garners laughter from start to end; her forgetfulness at the bar and the sex scene present the first real sense of true humor and does not seem forced.

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