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So I recently purchased a new Remington 870 SPS Super Slug: I absolutely love this shotgun, out of the box I was shooting sub 2" groups at 100yrds with 2-3/4" hasting slugs (~5mph crosswind). I picked up Leupold Ultimate Slam 40mm 3-9x MZ/shotgun scope.I did not think shotguns could do this, I'm still amazed by it (seems like old news reading around this forum). Anyway, I like to tinker as many of you do and got to thinking how cool it would be to hit (paper only of course) something at 200-300yrds with a slug (keeping under a 5" group). It has hold points for sabot rounds from 50 to 300yrds.

interesting, I like the sound of a cheap swap of the spring (seeing that I have been eating a lot of raman noodles to afford this shotgun). I guess I assumed a spring kit as the 870 doesn't seem conducive to a drop-in trigger group unless they plan to replace the whole assembly.

In case anyone is interested, I think it's natchez that has that remington stock and forearm set on sale, black synthetic for less than , camo available for a bit more.

The one I held in the store awhile back, I really liked the stock quite a bit and have been contemplating getting one for my 870.

I didn't set up any targets other than some barrels so I have nothing to show you.

It really helped with barrel control and felt recoil.

However, if you don't, and you raise your scope to adjust for the high impact caused by shooting with the bipod..means that you are virtually guaranteed to be shooting low once you try shooting with it normally in the field.

While it is certainly possible that with enough time and money you can teach yourself to adjust to two different shooting styles with the same gun...point is..could achieve the same or better accuracy just learning to do without the bipod and to use shooting sticks when necessary. 90% of the time I hunt out of a blind, the other 10% I take a knee to take the shot.

JC I figured someone has monkeyed around with a similar idea already. The only downside is the rainbow trajectory at range and the affect wind has on them.

I'm still curious about the ballistic scope and hoping it would work out. If you can learn to account for these, they certainly lay the smack down on whatever they hit. It was cold and snowy but I got to see what it could do.

I don't think it takes that much more time to whip open this bi-pod to steady the shot.

Plus, I'll admit it, I have never been able to shoulder fire a scoped anything very well.

From the shoulder I am way way more accurate with open sights.

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