Wife dating her boss

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Wife dating her boss - atlanta dating scene

These are the most recent romances to come to light - but certainly nothing new in the heady world of powerful, successful men.Every day, in organizations both large and small, there are bosses having sex with women who work for them.

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Nancy filed for divorce and it was finalized earlier this year.

A man who filmed himself confronting his wife when he busted her in bed with her boss now faces jail time for unlawful surveillance.

Sean Donis, 37, filmed two videos on his phone when he found his wife Nancy in bed with another man in Rockland County, New York in April last year.

'It's like I'm being punished twice.'He pleaded guilty in August but is due to front court again on September 20.

ESPN's Steve Phillips is off to rehab for sex addiction, his marriage and career destroyed by his steamy affair with a production assistant.

(And, you must admit, males are doing a damn good job! What makes a woman sleep with her boss - especially if he is already married?

Everyone knows that men don't marry the women they have affairs with.

On the other hand, Dave Letterman's popularity and TV ratings have soared since his public confession of past dalliances with female members of his staff.

Jimmy Kimmel's current romance with one of his staffers seems to be no threat to his job or reputation.

However, it never seems that way at the beginning - she just feels good that he finds her attractive. She can think of other men who married a secretary, assistant, or nanny - so her dream could come true, too. But if she gives in and has sex with him once, she's toast. With orgasm, her brain is flooded with oxytocin - a powerful hormone that acts like Crazy Glue, bonding her to him.

She can no longer see him or her situation clearly. Thousands of years of human history provide the back story to today's workplace affairs.

Alpha males have always had their pick of the females - willing or unwilling.