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Ji hwan dating - aisha tyler dating 2016

You are the best actor, handsome and a very charmy man.a perfect gentleman in every role and character that you've got. indeed a versatile one, hope to hear a new project from you.

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I think I shall search your other dramas so I can watch all. I totally love him and now i'm done watching kill me heal me, I can't move on, i don't want to end it or i want to have it a continuation or a part 2...i want to see cha do hyun and shin se gi again and again..i only have a chance i want to go to korea to see and hug ji sung oppa Happy Birthday! I understand we are all human and our weight will fluctuate which is absolutely fine but his unhealthy onscreen appearance now distracts me from his acting which is upsetting because I love watching him act. Perhaps the weight loss is not intentional but if it is, I'm hoping he will re-consider getting back to a healthier weight (ie 'Swallow the Sun' for reference). All the best with impending fatherhood and look forward to your next role. don't u knw in this drama u've gain something..i know u can fell that. I see your birthday is this month so I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and God be with you always, Continue the good works and Good Luck.... I liked all , you are a such fine actor , one of the best , so versatile , good looking , you broked me . He's really amazing actor, his facial expression and voice matches well. Some of my friend told me that "save the last dance for me" is really good drama. And now I', currently watching "new heart' medical drama.. you're such a fine and distinctive actor with a killer smile.

Keep up the stellar work, and keep encouraging the younger actors to hone their craft with you guiding them as you did Park Seo Joon who has picked up several of your tricks to viewers' delights... Thanks you again for your ingenious,matchless game in Defendant . How many of his shows and movies can I possibly recommend. Well, except "Great Seer," please stay away from that one. But then, I am wrong, I love you now, and realized that I came to hate KMHM because of the lead actress, she's too much. I really love everything about your acting skills as you're amongst my top best actors!!! I like all the personalities in kill me heal me I trullyyyyyyyyyyy like shin se gi . Every single personality he played in that drama was amazing and I laughed and cried for every single one of them. Kill me heal me is a a superb drama and it also opens our heat to understand the multi personalities. I hope Ji Sung will act in another drama this year so that I can watch him act again! before i was only into native dramas but one epic drama made me not to fall in love with other native i was not satisfied with all the other my journey with native dramas end in 2012. Seriously great acting chops I hope he gets an award (or 7) for his role in the drama! You really know your craft and thank you so much for the perfect portrayal of MH. Save your....now hardly waiting for new episodes of Secret......playing here is wonderful.....passing from hate to care...transforming your character from that playboy in a good hearted man......you for all you do !!!!! It hurts to know u just got m happy for you anyway.u good luck in ur marriage dearie cheers..!

ever since i first watch him in save the last dance until the defendant he is really excellent actor and im always fall in live with him for his good acting! Your full immersion in the role-all this is worthy of respect&admiration. One, would think that he can not act but that is completely the opposite . He can go from comedy to drama so flowlessly; that is uncanny. I love you, I am a fan now, you're the best, please do take care of my Lee Bo Young (I love her from I can hear your voice) and take care of your family. you are meant for each other, I wonder if what could have been if your lawyer in defendant is Atty. You're so extraordinary in defendant, Love you loads ji sung is really gifted in the art of acting....he's acting is superb & full of emotions whether comedy or drama, he gives justice to every role that he played...i've watched most of his drama from all in, save the last dance, new heart, secret, kill me heal me, entertainer (he's so handsome in entertainer), i even watched his movie my ps partner & confession with gwangso....i'm your big fan here, how i wish you can visit your fans here in the philippines....i wanted to see you in person..you get the daesang award this year for defendant...fighting! I don't know I used to watch it everytime nd Your tears let me believe that u cry really. He is such a talented actor and I hope he continues to grow in popularity in the future! Be watching your other projects and be waiting for more to come!! I would give brilliant stars to the actor ji sung and also the writer and the pd director I really don't understand and until today can't get over that they didn't get any award! Then the great korean drama world attracted me.although the dramas focuses mainly on romance.every genre was different and i liked it that way. Keep it up I'll keep an eye out for your other projects after this :) Ji sung oppa, i'm your fans who extremely happy and exited watching your drama in kill me heal me, that drama make me realize that sometimes i'm in that situation..proud for your acting and happy for your decicion to marry such beautiful woman like lee bo young, hope you and your wife happy forever..wait to watch your drama with lee bo young..^_^ i wish that happen... I hope he receives lots of awards for Kill Me, Heal Me, because, let's be honest, who can portray 7 different characters and still be best at it other than Ji Sung? Can't wait to see Yo Sub next week and also his other 4 personalities. You cry real tears so much in that show, and when angry, you really gave it to us. Wow...u such a nice guy ji sung and i love your movies infact i love you so passionately..hurts to know u got married recently.m happy for you u good luck in marriage...

justine keep it up and i hope more project and awards to come? Versatile, has complete mastery over his facial expressions as well as his voice, unique. Hahaha watching defendant and having park jung woo shifts of mood made me remember the other personalities in kmhm like Se gi, perry park, Yona and Yo sub. Believe all your emotions.together with Park Joon Woo cry,laugh,rejoice,go crazy-that's talent means from God. Last formidable acting role and absolutely to recommend drama, "Defendant" One of the two best lead actors of this year. I didn't know Ji Sung until 2017 when I saw his drama DEFENDANT Defendant caught my attention as I glimpse some of the episode and wow the plot and writing was superb and I regretted the day when I decided to watch it for the whole day from Episode 1 - 10 and now I am one of the many fans who wait for Monday to come just to watch this drama before I decided to watch Defendant I search all of his other drama and Heal Me Kill me caught my interest. My tears always run down when ever i see him in missery holding back his rage just to save his child. I always think so like an idiot without understanding it's ur talent. Will definitely be watching more of his dramas because I just can't get enough. I know this is unbelievable but i just finished watching Save The Last Dance in 10/2015 & srsly this man. my obsession started growing like madness.parents were scolding me every now and then but i was not bothered about it. If he doesn't win anything for this drama, I will lose faith in humanity. The plot sounded such a trainwreck on paper but JS and HJE crafted it so perfectly. I love him since Secret and Running man:) I don't know where is his power/charm from? What more can I say but, thank you so much for a job well done. She's also my favorite actress especially when I saw her on My daughter Soyeong..... I love you both i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so are the best.gomaeooooooooooo for your good acting.i will always love you.i want you to be healty and kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Note: people love's you ot there.like me I love ur films esp great seer and iron king Here in africa, Nigeria to be precised I tink korean films came to the lime light last year with everybody wanting to watch JUMONG.

Ji Sung can convey a whole tragedy with one look, can make you share the pain or relief or gratitude or hurt of the character he portrays with one single twitch of his lips or one small change in his eyes. Hahaha I know your wall of awards will be full with the sbs awards Ji-sung aced the performance in Defendant!! We look forward to your early return to the screens with another masterpiece. JH in "Voice" and him are just killing it this year.... after a month of viewing all his drama I can say that Cha Do yon, Ah Yona, Yusab is really is Ji-sung, I came to that conclusion after watching him, why? We can see not only his eyes but also the vein in his face are also portraying his tortured heart n mind. Ji Sung is great...love love Love Ji Sung, you are one of the best korean actors that I loved to watch. Waiting for ur another drama like kill me heal me or secret love...Fighting?? Ji Sung deserves all the awards, He made every project just fantastic with his presence. i have seen almost 500 korean kill me heal me happened. Congrates...hwang jung eum unnie too, u are so daebak! I like his calm, smiling personality, soft facial feature and expressive black eyes (he is good actor). I have watched everything you've made and have loved every second of you on screen. you are always in my heart and my mind and my for fighting. That's the movie that freaks pple to watch more of korean film and BOYS over flower I so so love IRON king ...kudos and happy married life XO Hi, ji sung am one of ur fans from Africa, nigeria to be precise, i,ve watched swallow the sun,kim soo ro i love ur movies and i wish to watch more of ur films stay blessed and congrat on ur forth coming wedding with lee bo young. Hey Bro- I wish you the best in your soon to be married life...

You're one of the few actors I truly admire because of superb acting and excellent performance. once we see the epicness then we can digest nothing less than that. i will start loving korean drama again if ji sung oppa's next drama then i will feel left out.waiting for our next drama. Funny, but my adjectives never runs out for this drama. Ji Sung the best U are the best actor ...seriously..i loved all of your dramas especially secret-master piece and kill me heal me- double well you potrayed urself in all different dramas with different roles. his "save the last dance for me" drama, i've watched it 4x in my portable computer (laptop)..... - I will continue to watch and cheer him on on the sideline. I started to love him after watching Secret Love, although I did not like him at first... So yeah I am not grudging you and I pray both of you have great lives and cute Korean kids too...

Now I know that such a good actor exists in Korean dramas. absolute genius differentiating between the different personalities in Kill Me, Heal Me, and he doesn't disappoint in his other roles either. To xxvweng: it's not park bo young but LEE bo young.. Ji sung annyeong :* I am fan from Indonesia,, I feel in love with your acting,personality,smile, all about you perfect I hope you succes win the best actor for drama kill me heal me Shin se gi and ahn yoo na my favorite Love you ji sung :* Ji sung-sshi annyeong!!!! i saw ur first drama kill me heal me and i completely fell for your charm and your perfect personal favourites were perry ahjusshi and yo na!!!! i saw ur first drama kill me heal me and i completely fell for your charm!!! It's just sad that I've already watched til the end. U are the best ji sung..the best for ur future U are the best actor ...seriously..i loved all of your dramas especially secret-master piece and kill me heal me- double well you potrayed urself in all different dramas with different roles. I know you starting from protect the boss, i fell for you starting from secret love, how sweet both of u, and i love to support you when u are going to marry bo young unnie, i know how much love her, hehe perfect couple. and both of you did a great job, i fell for shin se gi. - Who can say that, they don't like those "deer caught in a headlight eyes and that incredibl smile? Now I am going to watch Protect the Boss because of Ji Sung oppa. I will always waiting for the next project, and always enjoy for whatever you make. the best actor in secret heart was pounding watching are the best and a very good looking touched my heart with your acting in secret .i hope to see you again in more drama very very very for healthy and a good life with lee bo young fighting.always love love love love you. Stay healthy for us who want to see you in many dramas and movies(the only korean movie i liked it was with you:"My PS Partner"). Cheers Bro sayy hi to the cry inducing Lass Boyoung... if u wanna know how talented he is, just compare his acting in swallow the sun & protect the boss or any other rolls, u cant believe he is the same person!

most of all I'm totally hooked onto Ji Sung, he's such a heart melter! My chinggu asked me to watch Kill Me Heal Me so I gave it a try. Then I watched The Great Seer, then Save the Last Dance and now Secret Love. I hope that another drama will reunite these 2 awesome actors ! I love both of you and all kill me heal me cast n crew..^^ I love you...you're the best actor i ever seen.. EVERY KDRAMA ACTOR SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THIS EXCEPTIONAL ACTOR!

Ji Sung's acting skills were amazing in Kill Me Heal Me. it 'killed me' to chase all 20 episodes in just 3 days but 'healed me' because it gave me a great insight into people's inner selves. They are some of the best actors I've ever seen and I hope to see them star in another drama together! Ji Sung oppa is the best male actor i've ever seen, i hope that he'll do another drama this year ! I really fell in love with his personalities in Kill Me Heal Me, i can't even start a new drama because i still think of KMHL ! But most of all i LOOOOVE his chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum ! Congrats and we hope like 2013.drama to win the best of 2015. after I found many DAEBAK comments and compare it with Hyun Bin's HJM, I start to watch KMHM and fall deeply in love with his acting. Seriously this guy is putting to shame all those hot korean actors that fangirls keep cheering up as they are the best actors no matter what! His performances in HMKM, no other of these " you are the best oppa! Nobody was expecting nothing from him because everybody was focused, obsessed and blinded-love on these "amazing" eye-candies, sexy-dimpled-hot "best actor" oppas! PUT YOUR OVARRIES ASIDE, OPEN YOUR EYES OBJECTIVILY: Ji Sung is putting to shame our religious fangirling believes....

I have just watched "Kill Me, Heal Me" followed by "Secret" or just add Love to the title, and I found this Ji Sung so macho with an intense gaze that could melt your heart. It's rare finding actor which doesn't really make a good impression in the first sight but then you're really falling in live with him coz his acting is amazing, he's already nearly 40 yet like a wine, getting older but also getting sexier.. Chukhahae on kwak bo bae I hope you win the best actor and actress award for ur 6 personailities and yo na,she was a force to reckon with!!!! it was due to your perfect acting that this drama was a wonderful journey,by far the best one i have seen so up the wonderful work!! i confess i hadnt watched any of ur dramas previously but when i saw you in kill me heal me,i completely fell for were the best!! U are the best ji sung..the best for ur future Dearest Ji Sung, i knew you were a serious actor that took challanging roles that showed your acting chops. I hope when i come to korea, i can greet n meet you^^ Keep Strong! And when i hear oppa n hwang jung eum unnie will cast together in a new drama, i'm so excited! I was surprised to know that he is a little bit older than me, he looks so young! I have been watching your performance on Secret Love and think you are amazing. Good luck in your marriage and have handsome and talented children like you and your wife! Simply say Ji Sung has all it takes : talent, looks and character... He is Great in Secret Love, I enjoy watching this drama alot. Daniel Master ji sung,you re such a wonderfull Korean actor that i ve ever seen.watching the swallow the sun really touched my heart in fact from today i ve change my past carter and join yours,how are i wish i will see you face to face so that you can be my mentor,your emotion,mode of conduct and the way you talks makes me rate more likeness in it on sir. His drama New Heart is one of my all-time favorite drama. And I've read a lot of articles about him that his a nice guy and good boyfriend.it up ji sung!!!!!!!!! he really matches 2 his character, no matter how difficult it would be. i really don't know what has gotten into you, upon watching your drama series, i think i am in love with you.

You have given justice to the role of a man with multiple personalities, especially the very funny Yo Na, Enough of those with good looks with shallow acting. Everytime I watch him in dramas, I can't help but to appreciate his handsomeness, like everything is unreal. From his beautiful attractive eyes to his flawless skin to his sweet smile and his white and straight teeth. when i watch the started of ep 1 kill me heal me, i dont like it.when my friend said the story is very amazinggg..i watched it n fell in love with him after shin se gi appeared himself...after that n now..i start to watch every drama he is in... Chukhahae on kwak bo bae I hope you win the best actor and actress award for ur 6 personailities and yo na,she was a force to reckon with!!!! my favourites were yo na and perry,cos they showed the flexibility u possess as an actor!!!! KMHM was the role just made for you in mind even tho few actors refused it. Oppa, u hve smile killer, n your charm...i fell for that. Great actor, hope to see him soon in new drama series I laughed with you on Protect The Boss. When I get goose flesh watching art happening, then I know what I am seeing is real and very good. wish Ji Sung and his lovely wife a very happy life together... Hi ji sung,ur an amazing actor from expressions,especially your eyes that conveys message without saying anything. Watching you in, The Great Seer and I just love your character each episode I watch I want to be a protector of your character. He's one of the few actors who can act through their eyes and can convey a message without saying anything. Lee Bo-young is one lucky girl to have someone like Ji Sung. it's a stress relief when i see your face and your expression.

I love you and jung eum as a couple in secret love and heal me kill me. In the real life, lee bo young eonnie and Jisung oppa ♥♥♥♥ saranghae bo young eonnie n jisung oppa yeah!! She has already watched "Save the last dance with me" about 5 times!