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You are always amazing but I still shake imagining you crying out Cha Min Ho's name and your wife and child in Defendant! I have been 'All In' to Ji Sung since All In made me discover second lead syndrome... I began watching him in secret love and after that I keep on looking his past movies and TV dramas which I found out all awesome and cool? You should win it all, at all the drama awards as Best Actor & Daesang! I just finished Kill Me, Heal Me and I have to say I am BEYOND impressed by Ji Sung. i really love him in kill me heal me and secret love. i really dislike it when winners are chosen based on popularity rather than pure amazing talent. i cant believe your acting s.believe me im confused when i have watched kill me heal you are my fav it up and well done oppa!!! im start to like you after watching "watcha wearing" with actress kim a joong. i dont care about issues in that film cause you did a great job as "7895". I can't believe I have never come across his work before! He can even act as a teenage girl and carry it off with humour and style without descending into exaggeration or slapstick as such depictions are wont to do.

he is great actor and also a gentleman,, if u had noticed every time he drag OH RI JIN to get in to his car he always protecting her head.. We love you and hope you can act in many many good dramas like you've being playing.

begin to be your fan after watching your drama, 'kill me heal me' you are indeed a good actor!!! Ji Sung oppa is the best Korean actor I've ever seen and every role he's played is so different from his previous works that I'm so amazed how talented and versatile he is. But I enjoyed much because you have multiple characters specially Yo Na's character. You wre the best, Ji Sung, congratulation you'll become a father soon,,, huge for you and your little family, i love your wife too :) Ji sung, I know you'll be busy with your baby on the way but please make another drama before she is born. I had to force myself to go away from the computer.

i liked the part where she sacrifices her kid because the mom who raised really loved the kid and it would be difficult for he kid when a random person com and claims her self as his mom even though she was the biological mom. You made me cry in almost all episodes because you were crying. yeeaaaahh,, hehehhehe more power oppa,, and congratulations SOON TO BE FATHER.. :) Ji sung you are the best I first know you from killme ,heal me your acting is so great you are so amazing I loved you so much. Could an actor been so great that I cant sleep kill me heal me is so amazing you did a hell agreat & amazing job love you so much OMG I'm going crazy because of Kill me heal me! Firewall can't stop me watching Kill me heal me everyday. i've watch 5 episode and fall in love with this series, and with Ji Sung too. I know you'll be an amazing father as well and your daughter will be very happy to have a father like you. I remember watching that drama without sleep and food lol...

I'm sure he'll earn an award at the end of the year!! because I've seen all his act and the nearest personality of him is Ah Yona, Shin Segi is a revelation to me, I never seen him on his other drama of Shin Segi up until now, those three personality are nearest to real Ji Sung personality based on my personal opinion on how he act on his dramas and movies He is one of the versatile actor that I've ever watch.. Please stay healthy, wish you the best and I hope this message reaches you at your bday. It started in your Save the last Dance with Eugene. I adore his acting and have watched almost every drama or movie he has worked on. Ji sung is awesome.i stop speaking if i say about his perfection in every scene. He is so classy, real man: D His wife is lucky and inversely, because she supports his acting career. I've watched secret about ten times cause that drama is the most that makes my heart drop. I know you got married only a year ago and may be spending this time with you're wife which Makes me really envy her, but congratulations! ❤️ Two years ago, First notice you in Protect Boss with your crazy movement caught my eye slowly. I even went korea hoping to see you in Hotel walkerhill but left the hotel disappointed. I kinda wanted to marry her instead of you though - but I am just wanting to do that after I saw More Than Blue again...

I realized that on his IG page, he is in Oahu (Hawaii) just strolling around in Waikiki, and he also toured around Turtle Bay, Ala Moana, and the Whole Foods Market in Kahala (in accordance to his fans' IG accounts). HOT PAPA, charming Oppa, brilliant actor, and I think He deserves awards for Defendant. I like your expressions, it's impossible to meet you in person but I will rise a glass for you . Your acting is superb in your new drama Defendant and expect an Award.. He always pick different roles and never disapoints. I didn't need substitles to understand his emotions. They are cute and congratulations for their first baby. I'm looking forward to your next drama, I will watch kill me, heal me: D He is such a great actor. Both of them are truly stars and the best Korean actor and actress. The song " Heights of windstorm" he sang so flawlessly ! She is a beautiful woman who I'm sure will make you happy. Then I got addicted with all your drama because you were versatile. (Becoz i was not invited to your private function)Anyway I will keep watching your drama to be close to you. Liked him in Secret Love, didn't know his wife was the main actress in 14 Days, I love her acting in that drama! That is ok I am a white boi so I doubt it would go over well for her career id she wed me...

You are the best actor, handsome and a very charmy man.

a perfect gentleman in every role and character that you've got. indeed a versatile one, hope to hear a new project from you.

It’s adorable to see how this good looking young man always sharply styled for media events has transformed back to the boy-next-door in all ways after enlisting, as seen here in pictures uploaded to his SNS account last week from a soccer game with his real life friends.

Ji Chang Wook is reportedly taking his first vacation since enlisting and he clearly is enjoying guy bonding time and what better way than a hearty soccer game.

I love you and jung eum as a couple in secret love and heal me kill me. In the real life, lee bo young eonnie and Jisung oppa ♥♥♥♥ saranghae bo young eonnie n jisung oppa yeah!! She has already watched "Save the last dance with me" about 5 times!

I would like to find the dramas and movies you do also in Japanese dubbing so that my mother could understand.

You're one of the few actors I truly admire because of superb acting and excellent performance. once we see the epicness then we can digest nothing less than that. i will start loving korean drama again if ji sung oppa's next drama then i will feel left out.waiting for our next drama. Funny, but my adjectives never runs out for this drama. Ji Sung the best U are the best actor ...seriously..i loved all of your dramas especially secret-master piece and kill me heal me- double well you potrayed urself in all different dramas with different roles. his "save the last dance for me" drama, i've watched it 4x in my portable computer (laptop)..... - I will continue to watch and cheer him on on the sideline. I started to love him after watching Secret Love, although I did not like him at first... So yeah I am not grudging you and I pray both of you have great lives and cute Korean kids too...

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