Cat lover dating

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Cat lover dating

The advantage to this method is that after you finish the spell, you can use the sugar in cooking, to sweeten the person on whom you are working.

By the mid 20th century, with packaged goods available in every grocery store, the closed sugar jar, honey-jar, jam-jar, and pancake syrup bottle versions of these spells gradually became more popular than the old cream-saucer, cored apple, hollowed onion, and sugar box versions.

This old-fashioned method has the disadvantage of eventually drawing flies or ants, but it is extremely easy to work on a short-term basis, say for one to three days.

Be careful, though, if the candle burns too hot, it may crack your saucer.

I will teach you some of my favourite ways and i will tell you why i prefer them to some of the other ways in certain specific cases or under certain specific practical conditions, but keep in mind that this is a large family ...

and not all of its members even know one another, so to speak.

The unmarried bank worker said she was just walking home on Saturday when she saw the cat and decided to play with it.

But she told the Sun that she 'suddenly thought it would be funny' to put it in the bin.Because it is a common magical practice to combine or mix several ingredients together when making a spell, the era of packaged sweeteners also brought us the idea of double- and-triple-strength sweetening spells, made by pouring honey into sugar or mingling mollasses, honey, and sugar together for extra "oomph." This sort of mixing is not necesary, but if you like spending time on preparation by building layers of meaning and intention into your spells, you may be assured that working this way is old and authentic and goes back a long way in time.These "contained" forms of hoodoo spell casting are often employed when you want to set up a powerful sweetening spell in a small place and keep it working for as long as you wish.Jams and jellies are also used this way: you can stir some edible love herbs in when making them at home, or you can pray over and prepare commercial jams or jellies in the same way for use at the table in spells of domestic love.You can also take into consideration the type of fruit from which the jam or jelly is made: rose petal and strawberry jam for sexual love, orange marmalade for cleanliness and marriage, fig preserves for female fertility.Another early version of the these sweetening spells is a container spell, but not actually a bottle spell as we think of them today.