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The country’s capacity for dedicated biomass plants reached a total of 4 GW in 2016, and generation totalled some 38 TWh, a 5% increase from 2015.42 In the Republic of Korea, generation rose by 44% to 8 TWh, reflecting political efforts to reduce coal use in electricity generation by co-firing with biomass.43 India’s bio-power capacity increased as well, with on-grid capacity up by 164 MW (up 0.3%) to 8.3 GW, and off-grid capacity up by 18.9 MW (up 2%) to 330 MW; generation rose 8% relative to 2015, to 30 TWh.44Brazil is the largest overall consumer of electricity and bio-power in Latin America.There are many pathways by which biomass feedstocks can be converted into useful renewable energy.A broad range of wastes, residues and crops grown for energy purposes can be used directly as fuels for heating and cooling or for electricity production, or they can be converted into gaseous or liquid fuels for transport or as replacements for petrochemicals.1 (See Figure 6 in GSR 2015.) Many bioenergy technologies and conversion processes are now well-established and fully commercial.2 A further set of conversion processes – in particular for the production of advanced liquid fuels – is maturing rapidly.3In 2016, local and global environmental concerns, rising energy demand and energy security continued to drive increasing production and use of bioenergy.For example, around 4.9 million household and village-scale biogas plants are now present in India, fuelled mostly by cattle dung and agricultural wastes.30Global bio-power capacity increased an estimated 6% in 2016, to 112 GW.31 Generation rose 6% to 504 terawatt-hours (TWh).32 The leading country for electricity generation from biomass in 2016 was the United States (68 TWh), followed by China (54 TWh), Germany (52 TWh), Brazil (51 TWh), Japan (38 TWh), India and the United Kingdom (both 30 TWh).33 (Although the United States remained the largest producer of electricity from biomass sources, generation fell 2% in 2016 to 68 TWh, down from 2015 levels of 69 TWh, as existing capacity faced increasing price competition from alternative renewable generation sources under the Renewable Portfolio Standards of a number of states.34 However US bio-power capacity in operation reportedly increased by 197 MW (0.5%) to 16.8 GW through the installation of 51 small-scale generation plants.35In Europe, growth in electricity generation from both solid biomass and biogas continued in 2016, driven by the Renewable Energy Directive.36 In Germany, Europe’s largest producer of electricity from biomass, total bio-power capacity increased 2%, to 7.6 GW, and generation was up 2.5% to 52 TWh.37 Elsewhere in Europe, the United Kingdom’s bio-power capacity increased 6% to 5.6 GW, due mainly to large-scale generation and to continuing growth in biogas production for electricity; however, generation was up only 1% because increases in output from solid biomass and anaerobic digestion were offset by reductions in generation from landfill gas.38 In Poland, the capacity auction schemes with dedicated tranches for municipal solid waste (MSW) plants and for biogas-based generation stimulated the deployment of new bio-power capacity.As a result, bio-power capacity grew from 1.27 GW to 1.34 GW, and generation increased 50% (from 10 TWh to 15 TWh) in 2016.39In China, in response to revised objectives in the 13th Five-Year Plan, bio-power capacity rose by an estimated 13% in 2016, to 12 GW, and generation increased to an estimated 54 TWh.40 The combustion of MSW and of agricultural wastes accounted for most of this generation.41Elsewhere in Asia, capacity and generation rose strongly in Japan, with bioenergy featuring in the feed-in tariff scheme.The cement industry also used larger volumes of waste fuels (estimated at 0.5 petajoules (PJ)) in 2016 relative to previous years.19The principal regions for industrial bio-heat are Asia (e.g., bagasse, rice husks, straw and cotton stalks in India) and South America (particularly Brazil, where bioenergy from agricultural and wood residues is used to produce heat in the food, tobacco, and pulp and paper industries, and bioenergy from bagasse is used in the sugar and alcohol industries).20 North America is the next largest user: in Canada, 22% of industrial heat was provided by bioenergy in 2016, mostly in the pulp and paper industry.21 There are signs of reduced use of bioenergy in North America, with stronger growth in Asia, reflecting changes in production patterns in key industry sectors, especially pulp and paper.22In the buildings sector, the United States is the largest consumer of modern biomass for heat.

Despite low oil prices, the US market for woody biomass and pellet boilers remained stable in 2016.23Europe is the largest consumer of bio-heat by region.Shipping is available, as well as bring-backs to our Dupo warehouse.If you like online auctions, saving money, and loads of great equipment, you will LOVE bidding with GRS Auctions.Production decreased slightly in 2015, to 52 million tonnes, and a similar quantity is estimated to have been produced in 2016.15Growth in the use of modern bioenergy for heating also has slowed in recent years, to around 1% per year.In 2016, modern bioenergy applications provided an estimated 13.9 EJ of heat, of which 9.1 EJ was for industrial uses and 4.8 EJ was consumed in the residential and commercial sectors, where it was used principally for space heating in buildings and for cooking.16 Based on these production data, modern biomass heat capacity in 2016 increased to an estimated 311 GW.17Bioenergy (mostly from solid biomass) accounts for around 7% of all industrial heat consumption, and its use in industry has not increased in recent years.18 This use is concentrated in bio-based industries such as the pulp and paper sector, timber, and the food and tobacco sectors.Please request answers to your 40 Dining Chairs 10 Bar Stools 3 Flat Screen TV's Lounge Chair 2 Waitress Stands Migoli 2 Door Refrigerated Prep Unit 2 Door Refrigerated Prep Unit 2 Burner Flat Grill Range Montaque Salamander Star Panini Press 5ft Char Grill and Stand Fry Pans and Pots Microwaves Acme Roll Sheeter Continental 3 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator Table Top Dough 1461 - Mc Mann Road Bullseye Restaurant Equipment February 14 2018 Internet Only Auction Date & Time: February 14, 2018 AM ESTLocation:4000B Mc Mann Road Cincinnati, OH 45254Highlights: Shipping will be available from this auction.

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