Reasonable dating rules

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Reasonable dating rules - mark haines dating erin burnett

The District Court may authorize the issuance of a warrant in any case except where the accused is a juvenile less than twelve years of age.

If a summons is mailed pursuant to subdivision (c)(3) of this rule and returned, the clerk shall record that fact upon the list. A summons may be served in the manner provided by subdivision (c)(3) of this rule by any person authorized by the General Laws to serve criminal process. There is no issue as to confrontation in this situation. The defendant is protected from a "default" by the Commonwealth by Mass. A warrant shall be directed to and executed by an officer authorized by the General Laws to serve criminal process. A defendant has the right to be present at the taking of a deposition, see Mass. The decision to issue a warrant may be based upon the representation of a prosecutor made to the court that the defendant may not appear unless arrested.If a defendant fails to appear in response to a summons or for any reason is not amenable to service, the prosecutor may request that a warrant issue or may resummon the defendant.If the accused is a juvenile, a summons and copy of the complaint or indictment shall also be served upon the parent or legal guardian of the juvenile or upon the person with whom the juvenile resides.

Such notice shall also advise the defendant to report in person to the probation department before the return day.

At the request of the prosecutor made at any time while a complaint or an indictment is pending, a summons returned unserved or a warrant returned unexecuted and not cancelled may be delivered to an authorized person for service or execution. In both instances, however, the warrant will not be immediately issued for execution unless the court determines that the defendant will not likely appear upon a summons alone. The preference for the issuance of a summons instead of a warrant is based on the same policy mandating the release of arrested defendants on personal recognizance rather than on bail.

A judge may order that expenses incurred as a result of the entry of a default against a defendant are to be assessed as costs against the defendant. 276, §§ 24 , a summons was to be issued only in those instances where the District Court had final jurisdiction over the offense charged and the court believed a summons would sufficiently guarantee the defendant! Under this rule the permissible use of a summons is greatly expanded. This rule reflects the policy underlying current efforts to secure the release prior to trial of all defendants who have sufficient roots in the community to guarantee their presence at trial. That policy is bottomed on the belief that defendants should be burdened with the fewest restrictions on their pretrial liberty that will adequately assure their presence at trial. 28, the judge is authorized to review the probation report concerning the defendant prior to the bail determination. 276, §§ 26 , which makes the willful failure to appear in response to criminal process a separate offense.

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A summons may be served or a warrant executed at any place within the Commonwealth.