Lily and oliver dating

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Joey, who currently runs a dinner theatre, dupes Hannah into performing a duet with him in turn for his signature.When Uncle Earl arrives in town for a visit with hopes of becoming a rock star, Miley must decide between helping him pursue his dreams and putting on the best show ever for a critic who will be attending.

But, Miley is determined to one up a rival pop star at the benefit so she tricks Roxy into going to Florida with her.14-year-old Miley Stewart has a secret identity, but she's no superhero . In order to maintain her normal family life and friendships, Miley goes to great lengths to make sure that nobody discovers that underneath her wigs and makeup, Hannah Montana is really just the girl next door. she's the famous teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana!However, not wanting to miss out on their big weekend plans motivates the siblings to enlist Lilly and Oliver to try to fool Robby and pose as them as they sneak out of the house.Ultimately car trouble not only serves to stop them in their tracks but forces Miley and Jackson to work together to get out of their jam.So Miley opts to get him to break up with her by embarrassing him at a movie premiere and hopes that her secret remains safe with him afterwards.

Jackson and Oliver discover that their cheese jerky business is too costly.

In Season 2, Miley is heading to high school, and it seems someone else knows her secret!

Miley and Lilly are excited for their first day at Seaview High,that is until Miley receives a text from someone who "knows her secret." Upon discovering that the person is Rico, who's skipped a few grades to be in high school too, Oliver and Lilly set out to confiscate his evidence while Miley is stuck pretending to be Rico's girlfriend to keep him quiet.

Jackson pet sits Thor's talking bird and it winds up repeating things he didn't want his study date to hear.

When Miley wakes up without a voice she learns that she must undergo a surgical throat procedure in order to preserve her Hannah career.

Miley, feeling guilt ridden over hiding her dual identity, ultimately confesses that she is Hannah Montana.