Dating moving fast

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The type or quality of attachment begins with the bond between an infant and his or her caregivers, and are unique depending on the quality of attachment experiences.

You easily get swept away in the fun of learning all about a new person and experiencing the “firsts” together – first time holding hands, first kiss, the first time he/she calls you “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

The guidance I often give clients is to hold off on sharing this special space with someone for a minimum of six dates or six to eight weeks of dating, whichever is longest.

This helps ensure that you aren’t committing to a relationship before you really know the person out in the world and have given yourself the time and space to see how you feel.

Not to mention, you don’t truly know this individual yet and if the relationship goes south, having the negative energy and associations in your most sacred space could be difficult to overcome.

During the early attraction phase, there are surges of neurotransmitters that cloud judgement and cause you to overlook red flags – because you’re hyper-focused on the attractive traits rather than the unattractive traits.

For instance, if your best friend and your new love interest really hit it off, it might make you stay in a relationship longer, knowing that this important friend in your life approves of your partner, despite other core problems.

Or, if you bring this person to a family gathering and all of your family likes this new someone, you might feel the family pressure to continue in the relationship.Here, we’ll discuss the four key milestones that are best delayed during the early dating phases when your mind is flooded with neurochemicals, leading to emotional decisions and impaired judgement.Those milestones are the following: Sure, it’s comfortable and easy to have someone just “come over” instead of planning dates and coordinating schedules.And thus, the quality of your very first relationships, heavily influences your adult romantic relationships.In a nutshell, anxious individuals have a hyperactive attachment system and create reasons to be seen and heard, which can appear as “drama”.This can result in complications as you evaluate the relationship, and entanglement with your broader life, potentially making it more difficult to break things off if that feels like the right decision.

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