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You can rent one of our condos for your Gulf Shores vacation on our CONDO RENTAL page!

Rentals of condos are set up by individual condo owners. Two grilling areas are provided for your convenience.To simplify a surd, write the number under the root sign as the product of two factors, one of which is the largest perfect square.Note that the factor 16 is the largest perfect square.You can try and work them out on a calculator, but that will only give you an , accurate to ten decimal places or so - it's not exact.Surds are all "irrational" numbers - that means they can't be expressed as fractions, so their decimal expansions go on forever with no real pattern.Some owners handle the rental themselves and some owners use rental agencies. The minimum rental period for all condos is three nights. We have both a boat launch and a parking area for your boat trailer. There are two docks for fishing, crabbing, and just hanging out. We furnish Wi Fi in all public areas including the pool, the docks, and the beach.

Welcome to, the official site of the Gulf Shores Surf and Racquet Club Association, a Gulf Shores condominium.

The shrimp seasoning was delicious, we plan to make it again soon - w...

Well, boys and girls, I made this for dinner tonight.

I thought this was pretty darned good and was particularly impressed with the marinade for the shrimp.

I found the steak a little bland, however, and it wasn't until my wife pointed out that I ... The steak recipe is pretty basic, but really with a good steak that's all you need.

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