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Oz is conducting a private forum for the 330 men in the audience—even the crew is made up entirely of men. The women who accompanied their husbands are upstairs in a screening room with Oprah! Because when we're little boys and we scrape our knee, we're told to suck it in and not talk about it. Callas explains that just as he was getting ready to go fishing in 2004, his wife told him that she was ovulating and that it was time to have sex. I'm not happy about it because there's no romance to it. "It was so successful that I have two kids," he says."This is a no-embarrassment zone, there's no topic that's off limits, there's no question I won't answer," Dr. "I want you to keep one memory in the back of your mind. We need to change that culture because there's a lot we can do for men's health .""We're going to start with what is undoubtedly the number one topic men want to know about—the penis," Dr. First, he has Dean, the show's stage manager, read an anonymous e-mail: "Dear Dr. "Probably the only man in America brave enough to admit that he broke his penis," Dr. It was just a mission that she wanted to accomplish," he says. Now, if you get a running start at the person you love and you miss, you push this penis into something hard, it can crack. So physicians will actually take a little stitch and close up that little hole that you've made." Dr. Another topic many men wonder about—but are often afraid to discuss—is circumcision. Oz says the rate of circumcision in the United States has dropped from 90 percent to 57 percent in the last 40 years.

Billions of bacteria live deep inside the colon and feed on our undigested food. "The other thing that men don't think about very much is how we actually keep our faces clean. "Hand cream obviously helps a little bit, depending on the job that you have."What nutritional supplements do men need on a daily basis? Oz says he takes what the average man needs for the basic foundation of healthy living—vitamins B, C, D, E, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and magnesium. Since so many men are afraid to go to the doctor, and embarrassed to ask health questions in front of the women in their lives, Dr. For the first time in the history of The Oprah Show , Oprah will not be hosting."So aspirin, leafy green vegetables, stuff like broccoli, and get a colonoscopy because you can save your life."Do men go through menopause like women do? "The amount of testosterone you have at age 60 is a fraction of what you have at age 20. Oz for an entire hour, Oprah returns from watching the show with the men's wives and partners in a separate room upstairs. So when that testosterone level begins to drop, you start to see the changes that often afflict men as they get older. Oz: When the girl I was seeing excitedly sat on my lap, I heard a painful pop and immediately felt intense pain. "We get there, we started doing the intercourse and the next thing you know, I feel a pop." That pop, Dr. He says there are some reasons that circumcision makes sense—religious or family traditions, hygiene, and reduced risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases and viruses. Some people consider it disfiguring, and doing it will reduce sensation during sex.

I now have five scarred rings at the base of my penis. "In a circumcised male, the bottom part, the underneath part of the penis, is the most sensitive part," Dr.Plus the foreskin covers over the glans—that front part, and that's the most sensitive part of the penis—so it doesn't get rubbed on, so it stays a little bit more preserved for when the foreskin eventually does pull back during intercourse." The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't take a position on circumcision. Uncircumcised boys are 10 times more likely to get an infection than those who are circumcised, Dr. To do it correctly, "You pull the skin back and you can actually get under here and clean this corner out.Now these edges are where something called smegma resides, and that stuff can get pretty nasty if you don't clean it up," Dr. "But here's the bigger issue—as a doctor I care about this.Most guys who are uncircumcised have the foreskin leading off. Oz says that keeping a penis healthy isn't just important for making sure your love life is working…it's important for making sure your entire body is working.This touches the pants and it gets scarred after a while. Sometimes it goes over the tip of the penis and squeezes down on it and that can actually strangle the tip of the penis. "The penis really is the dipstick of the body," he says.And you're not going to get a bigger or a harder erection by taking it." But is there any way to prevent problems like that before they start?

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