Updating automatic electric phones

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Service Electric Telephone started out small and nimble and has retained the characteristics of small business competitiveness and value.

Racked in a secure facility and protected by a unique triple redundancy back-up system, Service Electric Telephone's Hcaa S allows you to access a world-class communication infrastructure without a substantial capital outlay.

Integrating and condensing the delivery of all your day-to-day email, voice mail and fax communication into one or just a few software interfaces promotes cost efficiencies across all aspects of your business.

Service Electric Telephone’s Hosted IP PBX platform contains all the latest UC/UM functionality through an easy to manage User Portal with all platform features and functionality being absolutely FREE and included with your monthly extension charges.

A typical oversubscription rate was a ten-to-one ratio.

Today, most Internet Telephony Service Providers “ITSP’s” charge a one-to-one flat monthly fee, per phone extension, whether it be a desk or courtesy phone, softphone or mobile application.

Direct Debit is a fast, free and easy way to automatically pay your Tampa Electric bill from your checking or savings account on a recurring basis each month.

Sign up on your online account – if it's your first time, you'll need your Tampa Electric account number to create a profile.

Bank account and credit card information can be saved for future online payments and can be changed for recurring drafts through Smart Hub.

Bill Payment Made Easy With these options, not only will you save time and postage, you will help your co-op process your payments more efficiently.

We collect all your system programming requirements such as Hunt Groups, Call Routing, Auto Attendant scripts and program your entire phone system to your exact specifications so it arrives 100% ready to use.

Just connect your power and Internet source and start calling. Small and medium sized businesses must stay flexible to stay competitive.

With Service Electric Telephone Enhanced Hosted IP PBX Services, your business soars with: You went into business because you have a passion for what you do, and not because you want to manage a telephone system. Hand that work over to us, and we will make it happen in the background of your business, so you can focus on your core competencies, on the things that drive your profit and productivity.