Badger and blade gillette dating

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Badger and blade gillette dating

The blades only last about a week and a half, you get 3 o'clock shadow, and you get irritation. I've never heard of KAI II or of Daiso - and I live in Melbourne! I sometimes wonder if Australian BIC single blade cartridge is worse than elsewhere in the world, because other people around the world seem to like those slicers.Cheers, Renato Apparently I'm the minority here, but normally I only use cartridge razors when traveling. I'm used to DE safety razor shaving and these single blade cartridges allow me a similar experience when traveling. I've never been able to use any sort of multi blade without some sort of skin irritation. I get a better closer shave with cartridge, in comparison to my usual one and a half passes with DE - but that's not a valid comparison because i should be comparing to three or four passes with DE (which I never do).

It didn't so much cut the hair but pulled them out! But one night I was going out to a birthday party event and used my Schick Hydro5 cartridge that I'd used three or four times (and cleaned with my Razor Pit), and I got a close shave, but wound up red raw all around my throat - which took a few days to heal up. I've only used my Fusion Pro-Glide a few times, so I can't compare, but my regular Fusion cartridge I've now used about 30 times (with Razor Pit cleaning ) and it has never given me the problem Schick Hydro 5 gave me.

Nowadays I first apply some oil (the one with least smell is the one I borrow off my niece & nephew - their Johnson & Johnson baby oil); after 15 mins I cover my face in a damp hot cloth for 10 mins before lathering to shave.

That's a lot of perparation that you are doing there.

Well, I have a collection of 20 or so current cartridge razors, and of 10 or so two blade cartridge razors from the past, which I use in between using DE (especially when travelling).

I like all the main brand 3, 4 or 5 blade cartridge razors (Gillette, Schick, King of Shaves) as well as various house brand ones. However, slowly but surely, I've found the one I gravitate to and like the most is the 3 blade Schick Extreme, be it as a disposable or as a regular razor.

Applying oil as you do - pretty much any pre-shave oil, including olive oil from the kitchen - makes shaving more comfortable when using sub average shave creams and canned lather.

On the down side, I've found they lower the performance of the top quality creams.The razors I cannot stand are single and two blade disposables, with the exception of the Persona 2 blade one.They always leave me suffering, but the Bic single blade disposable one is undoubtedly the worst on me. Regards, Renato So far, Gillette Fusion (if this could qualify as a cartridge razor) was the best for me.While Fusion didn't work well with canned lather on me, I've always found it excellent with the good quality shaving soaps (e.g.Crabtree & Evelyn, Trumpers etc) and good quality shaving creams.The worst- quite a few, the majority of which too mediocre to be remembered even negatively, simply because they did not yield the same results (in terms of both thoroughness and mildness) as Fusion. For me it's the best if the disposable razors and the best value for money.

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