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Chris Finan Executive Director Chris Finan is NCAC’s Executive Director.

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: Museums and Censorship,” at the Mc Cormick Tribune Freedom Museum in Chicago, IL and conceived “Exposing the Censor Within,” a traveling interactive public art installation, which opened in California in March of 2007. She currently teaches part-time at New York University.

She has created and edited children’s and young adult books, working on numerous bestsellers, at both Harper Collins Children’s Books and Alloy Entertainment.

After moving to Ireland for graduate school, she joined Trinity College Dublin’s Global Relations Office as the university’s International Marketing Officer.

She joined NCAC in 2017 to lead the Youth Free Expression Project, advocating for the rights of youth to freely read, inquire, and express their views.

Joy Garnett Program Associate, Arts Advocacy Program Joy Garnett is a visual artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York.

An academic and an activist, Mintcheva has taught literature and critical theory at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria and at Duke University, from which she received her Ph. Her academic research and writing focus on postmodern literature and aesthetic provocations as well as issues in censorship and ethics.

Nora Pelizzari Director of Communications Nora Pelizzari is a storyteller with over a decade of communications, editing and marketing experience.Having spent a large part of her academic career analyzing provocative art and its socio-political contexts, she is happy to be on the front lines protecting the coexistence of a diversity of voices in the cultural sphere.Svetlana has published and presented multiple papers on contemporary art and writing — most recently, she co-edited (2006, The New Press).She received her BA in Humanities and Middle East Studies from Mc Gill University, studied painting at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and completed her MFA at The City College of New York.She was the Arts Editor for Cultural Politics (2005-2016), a peer-reviewed cultural theory journal published by Duke University Press.The NCD Office in Moscow, Russian Federation, spearheads WHO’s work on strengthening national capacity in all 53 countries in the Region to prevent and control NCDs, promote an intersectoral approach and develop policies to tackle NCDs.